Is it possible to eliminate pain immediately?

For the human being is very important to have a complete balance between the mind, body and spirit,  three things must always remain united, can not be separated from each other.

This is something that insures the doctor of chiropractic, shaolin master Yuen Kam , for whom it is possible to achieve a higher state of being. This aerospace engineering scientist who worked for NASA , is an expert in Sports, Homeopathy Medicine and martial arts master, just introduced in Spain the Yuen method.

This is a technique by which you can combine both Chinese medicine as the current concepts of philosophy, anatomy, biochemistry, psychology and quantum physics.

The Yuen Method is specifically dedicated to measuring and scrutinizing the energy level and seeks to strengthen the weaknesses that exist in our body . According to this theory it ensures, as the body is a combination that binds different power systems, which in turn has several circuits and connections, which bio-by a central computer are handled.

The physical and mental illness and the concerns are caused by the disconnection of energies that produce different biochemical and mechanical reactions, which are responsible for stall all systems. When this happens it is necessary to " reprogram "our central computer, which is located in the spinal cord, thus trying to balance our mind, body and spirit.

We must learn to develop the ability we all have to find weaknesses that can affect our body and to correct those weaknesses to remove and correct those conditions.

The results can be so extraordinary that many times can be seen as miracles, but the reality is quite simple.  Most people tend to use only a small part of the left hemisphere of the brain, seeing aspects of life in a very logic.

The Yuen Method is based on intuition, using this method can alleviate pain, relieve stress, including rejuvenating,. Well can raise finances and completely remove all pain having physical or mental causes All you can control knowing how to use the brain, as everything is in the mind.

"Only in this way can become successful in life," says Dr. Yuen, who has served more than 300,000 people, has helped them to solve all kinds of problems both health and prosperity, particularly through the full knowledge of himself and learning to control emotions, which in most cases are the cause of many diseases.
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The shoes should not use!

Most women know to use very high shoes and it is often quite uncomfortable, causing the feet suffer the consequences, but despite this discomfort we use daily.

It is fully proven that frequent use of heels over three inches high and the tip is very close they are detrimental to the health of the feet , as they can cause the appearance of bunions , a permanent deformity of the foot bones , which is also very painful.

These studies were conducted by researchers at King Juan Carlos University in Madrid , in collaboration with the CEMTRO Clinic and presented at the World Congress of Podiatry which was held in Rome, Italy.

Dr. Ruben Sanchez Gomez, who is the author and also a member of this service podiatry clinic recognized Madrid, said that until now was known that shoes too narrow tip could cause severe bone deformities of the feet when used very often, but had not found that regular high heels were the cause of bunions.

How did you come to this determination?
In reaching this conclusion were subjected to study approximately eighty women, of which none had undergone any foot deformity before the study. Some were studied with high heels and others without heels, he tested any toe shoes.

Through the study it was observed that women who increased her high heels, the two bones that were diverted to the next phalanx of the hallux and the first metatarsal.

Women who underwent this study after taking off high heels, the toe back to normal , being totally shown that women who wear heels over three inches tall and frequently p ou can cause a deviation from bones in the long run will become a permanent deformity.

What happens to women who used throughout his life this shoe?
Almost sixty percent of women over fifty are suffering from frequent and severe pain in the foot caused by bunions , a deformity that can affect the correct mobility, also causing serious problems lumbar , losing heavily quality of life in most cases and often causes insecurity can actually cause depression.

What happens in the foot?
The front feet have the function of supporting up to 57 percent of body weight. heels with four inches high, this percentage increases significantly, reaching up to 75% when the heels are increased two centimeters about. With increasing load the forefoot calluses often also appear on the center part of the feet , which are very painful and cause inability to move freely.

In order to prevent these painful deformities, it is recommended to discard the use of toe shoes , since they do not have the ability to fingers are comfortable and have to stay very tight, causing pain and forcing l big toe foot to deviate.

When the deformity of the bones of the foot and has been no way to remedy it , you can only go to treatments that soothe the pain, since the deviation and loss of mobility can not be recovered with any medical treatment, although some cases surgeries that relieve some of this discomfort are used.

We can conclude that it is best not to use this kind of shoes , which although makes us look very stylish and elegant, also have to be aware that we can cause big problems, affecting the health of our feet.

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Cabbage and its benefits

Currently, many people are choosing to eat healthy so they consume large amounts of vegetables and fruits . Of these, one of the most popular is the cabbage or cabbage, as many other vegetables that brings great benefits.

It is possible to consume cabbage in many different ways, so their presence in various dishes is very common . However, cabbage has some features that you probably do not know. That is why below we present some data of this food that we are sure will surprise you.

The cabbage has more vitamin C than other fruits such as oranges. In fact, that brings a higher percentage of this vitamin . Therefore, one can say that gram for gram cabbage contains more Vitamin C than oranges, since a lower amount of the vegetables provides more vitamin.

Also, cabbage contains significant amounts of alpha-linolenic acid, which is popularly known as omega-3 , which is essential for optimal mental health . Cabbage also helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and improves cardiovascular health.

Unlike any other green vegetables, cabbage contains a lot of vitamin A. In fact, a small amount of this vegetable provides more than one person needs daily vitamin.

Meanwhile, cabbage contains more calcium than other products such as milk. Compared to the latter, the cabbage has 150 mg of calcium per 100 g This product, while milk has only 125 mg. So eating some cabbage is very good for calcium.

Despite this, cabbage vegetables is a pesticide residue which is more or preserved . Therefore, it is best to consume organic vegetables and fruits, as this guarantees that their production meets the highest standards of quality plus it does not affect our health.

Do not forget that another option is that you yourself can grow and harvest your own sprouts. You only need a small garden that can be easily assembled at home . It is very economical and safe, since you're the person who knows how that food is produced.

Finally, cabbage is best eaten together. We do not mean you have to eat accompanied by another person, but this food we potentiates its qualities if consumed with other products. Thus, cabbage helps in preventing inflammation of the arteries and cardiovascular problems . To do this it is best to consume cabbage accompanied by avocado, olive oil and even Parmesan. You can also add lemon juice, which makes iron of this vegetable is better digested by the body.

So do not hesitate any longer and prepared a delicious salad containing cabbage . Undoubtedly, your body and your health will thank you greatly. If not, prepare it in other ways. The options are many.
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Learn about the benefits of red tea

Tea is becoming increasingly popular, even reaching to become the favorite of thousands of people around the world.

The ideal and the most anticipated is that tea is the favorite drink of all people, both children and adults, as being a natural product is much healthier than soda.

There are many kinds of tea, today we will discuss red tea for us to learn together what are its benefits.

What properties does red tea?

Red tea can be consumed both hot and cold, plus it is a very refreshing and delicious drink to quench thirst.

Red tea is generally taken as a soothing hot for the body also as one of its greatest features is the absence of caffeine, which is one of its most important properties because it helps people who suffer from insomnia to control their disorder and able to sleep normally.

Another property that is known to red tea is that it has moisturizing effects and is an antioxidant superb. Among some research has been conducted for more benefits, we found that helps slow aging, stimulates the immune system, protecting Thus the body against infections and colds.

In addition it was found that also works well as soothing cramps, headaches ,  calms and controls allergies , asthma  and  also helps keep blood pressure in very normal.

The red fruits like tea, vegetables, red wine and chocolate are rich in flavonoids , which provide great cardiovascular benefits to people who consume them regularly.

Other benefits ...

Red tea is very famous and coveted among women as it helps keep skin hydrated, soft and smooth , because its supply of minerals such as zinc helps a lot as a treatment for acne, plus the powder is used to apply it irritations skin.

This also provides a good amount of calcium , helping people who use to have healthy bones, especially the children in their growth stage require an extra intake of calcium for healthy, strong bones , and older people which may undergo softening Normal by age.

Red tea is a very good alternative for those who can not consume dairy products because their bodies can not tolerate, and therefore can not access these products provide calcium, but consuming red tea will give your body the amounts of calcium that this requires also easily digested.

In recent studies it was found that this drink as protects the body from harmful such as those associated with lesions of skin cancer , it is also helpful to prevent and manage stress in people who are prone to suffer.

As we can see, is a delicious and healthy alternative both to cool and to treat and prevent many diseases.
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Spiritual Healing

Everything you see, hear, know and generally everything you see in your universe you've created. You created everything, absolutely everything is within your power to modify the.

 The personal universe is a creation of his own mind. You create in your imagination. You hold it all in your mind.

 You affect the entire universe. You affect your family, friends, employers, employees, and all that is unknown by which the street or read in the newspaper.

 In his book I Am Happy, I Am Rich, Andrew Corentt says that all people around are an expansion of its interior.

 It goes on to say, "everything you see in others is actually something that is in you." And if you see something in others, he does not like, such as ignorance, intolerance, disease, pain, poverty, etc.. is that you are creating.

 You believe that you see in others and projecting from its inner to its outer awareness. You should cure that. You can do it.

 When you cure it inside, then you heal the world, the universe. In I Am Happy, I Am Rich, Corentt tells us that writes books to heal it. The hypocrites those who say that heal other calls. You do not cure the other says, you are a doctor who heals himself.

 All true spiritual healing has to be, otherwise it is only a temporary cure. Spiritual healing him again young, rich, happy and joyful. Remove the straw from your eye and your neighbor disappears.

 One of the things that differentiate I Am Happy, I'm Rico, other books, is that this valuable jewel, it helps you achieve your goals personal and intimate at the same time heals the universe.

 You enrich materially if you want at this point in his life. You will be reborn spiritually if what you crave. You will understand the true secret of relationships, and that will fill an enormous power to determine what you want in your life.

 The most important of his life is inside. I'm Happy, I'm Rico, helps you wake. Cure the world, help return it rich, beautiful and enjoyable. The universe is what you decide. The universe is what it states. From this moment I declare I'm Happy, I'm Rico.
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Look your naturally and fast

Many people have found that everything in your life depends on them. The status of your bank account, the relationships they have with others, the way your body, and beauty that characterizes it.

 For many people it is very important to be beautiful and slender. This desire for beauty is perfectly normal, since beauty is life. In the animal kingdom beauty is decisive, in some species beauty is more important than beauty.

 The desire to be beautiful is a healthy desire and should be promoted because everything in nature aspires to beauty to light. All religions promise paradises full of beauty. In some religions are promised to the faithful who at death will be met in paradise with beautiful virgins.

 Many people say that beauty is inside. Actually it is right to say that beauty comes within.

 Everyone can beautify the outside from the inside. Without operations and if injections.

 All you need is a burning desire to be a beautiful person and then act on your health physics and especially about their mental health, their beliefs.

 Everything you have in your life you have created in your mind. The health and beauty of the body is also his creation.

 To become a beautiful, charismatic, magnetic person you should refine their beliefs. If you want to do it quickly, then I recommend the book The Power to Transform Our Lives Corentt Andrew.

  You will learn how to achieve everything you want in your life quickly, easily and very private. When you act on your thoughts, your beliefs, then people will notice the change in you. I see it as more beautiful, attractive and sexy person.

 His magnetism vera multiplied by hundreds and invitations came out in droves. It will be said of "I never saw someone so attractive. As I did not see before, "

 You change even the same person. Something you changed. That is the change that The Power to Transform Our Lives produce in you.
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Do you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome?

Do you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome? Has made ​​several types of tests to determine what is the condition being treated and the doctors encentra no?

Many people who were healthy before, suddenly find themselves with or state health awkward.

This state of "uncomfortable" health associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, suggests that some people are going crazy, because diagnoses indicate who do not have anything, enjoying good health .... But they feel bad, they feel sick in any way.

But what is chronic fatigue syndrome? Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disease that is not directly caused by other diseases and is a condition of prolonged and severe tiredness or exhaustion (fatigue) that is not relieved by rest.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

The exact cause of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is unknown cause. Some researchers suspect it may be caused by a virus, such as Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) or human herpes virus 6 (HHV-6). However, there has been no specific virus identified as the cause.

Studies suggest that chronic fatigue syndrome may be caused by inflammation along the nervous system, and that this inflammation may be a kind of immune response or process.

May also play a role other factors such as age, prior illness, stress, environment or genetics.

This syndrome occurs most often in women aged 30 to 50 years.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) describe CFS as a distinct disorder with specific symptoms and physical signs, based on ruling out other causes possible. The number of people affected by this syndrome is unknown.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is diagnosed after the doctor rules out other possible causes of fatigue, such as:


Autoimmune or immune disorders


Muscle or nerve diseases (like multiple sclerosis)

Endocrine (hypothyroidism)

Other diseases (such as heart disease, kidney disease or liver disease)

Psychiatric or psychological illnesses, particularly depression



The symptoms of CFS are similar to those of most common viral infections (muscle pains, headache and fatigue). These appear within a few hours or days and last for six months or more.

Main symptoms:

Fatigue or tiredness, never experienced to this extent before (new onset), lasting at least six months and is not relieved by bed rest

So intense fatigue that limits activities (serious fatigue develops with less than half the effort compared to before the illness)

Other symptoms:

Fatigue lasting more than 24 hours after a amount of exercise that would normally be tolerated without problem

Feeling unrefreshed after sleeping enough

Forgetfulness or other similar symptoms including difficulty concentrating, confusion or irritability

Headaches quality, severity and different pattern of previous

Joint pain, often moving from joint to joint (migratory arthralgias), without swelling or redness in the joints

Tender lymph nodes in the neck or armpit

Mild fever (101 ° F [38.3 ° C] or less)

Muscle aches (myalgia)

Muscle weakness in the whole body or different parts, which is not caused by any known disorder

Sore throat

Once detected this syndrome treatment is needed. One way easier, quicker and cheaper is by Acoustic Technology, which induces deep states of relaxation and causes the person begins to regenerate physically and mentally.

If you use in Acoustic to Treat Chronic Fatigue Audio, you will feel reborn to a new life filled with joy, happiness and wealth.
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Free sex hormones and strengthens the immune system with endorphins

Feeling good about others depends on feeling good about yourself. And feeling good about yourself is a feeling that stems from biochemical factors.

Many substances in the body, some of them have extraordinary properties and are present effects almost magical in the individual.

An example of such substances are endorphins, which produce an amazing feeling happiness and relaxation, almost transports us to another reality.

Another name given endorphins is "happy hormones". Endorphins are chemicals produced by the body itself and its structure are very similar to external opioids such as opium, morphine or heroin but its devastating negative effects.

But what really are endorphins? Why it matters? How to boost your production?

Endorphins are small proteins derived from a precursor produced at the level of the pituitary gland, a small gland at the base of the brain.

It is estimated that there are about 20 different types of endorphins distributed throughout the body, most of them are located in the pituitary gland and are responsible for making possible communication between neurons. These natural chemicals produced strong analgesia, stimulate centers brain's pleasure creating favorable situations that contribute to eliminate the discomfort and reduce painful sensations. When we feel pain endorphins act as endogenous analgesics inhibit pain transmission to the brain.

Endorphins are produced by the body in response to multiple sensations, among which is the pain and stress also influences the modulation of appetite, release of sex hormones and strengthen the immune system. When we feel pleasure these chemicals multiply and send messages to our brain lymphocytes and other cells responsible for the defense of viruses and bacteria that invade the body.

Endorphins have a very short life because they are removed by specific enzymes produced by the body. It is a measure to keep the balance of our body and not hide warning signs.

There are several ways to stimulate the production of endorphins, the fact is that a greater flow of these hormones when we do pleasurable activities on the body, which causes a change in our attitude and our mood improves considerably.

The stress resulting from physical exercise causes an increase in the amount of endorphins present in blood and cerebrospinal fluid. Fatigue leading to a sense of vitality and well being delayed.

Caresses, kisses and hugs stimulate endorphin download, besides pheromones, hormones that increase the attractiveness of the person and captivate the couple. The combination of these two hormones produce a situation of intense pleasure during and after intercourse.

Laughter has a marked influence on the chemistry of the brain and the immune system, so it is the best source of endorphins. Just a smile for our body begins to secrete endorphins enkephalins especially.

One way to stimulate the production of endorphins for those moments when we feel discouraged, is to use acoustic technology, which involves listening to Acoustic Sounds, which manage to synchronize our left and right sides of the brain.

In a specific frequency Liberation Endorphin occurs, which causes a great mood and a feeling of happiness that promotes rejuvenation, better health and sexual appetite.
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How to Eliminate Insomnia Forever?

All the world's adults have spent more than a night without power sleep. The next day people often feel moody, tired, slow and unproductive. The insomnia have a direct effect on the performance works short and long term.

During sleep the body repairs itself. The body is still at the cellular level and then begins maintenance work. Sleeping well is synonymous with health, beauty, physical and sexual vitality, mental clarity and willingness to undertake projects or jobs.

Millions of people are affected by this condition every day. That prevents them from enjoying their life so full and happy. Insomnia is annoying and can become a serious threat to health and life in extreme cases.

In 1959, Peter Tripp, Speaker of New York, decided to stay awake as long as I could. After four sleepless nights began to have trouble remembering the alphabet, then began to hallucinate. I saw your shoes full of cobwebs, bugs on his desk and even a rabbit in a corner nonexistent. His mental concentration is affected and became paranoid believing that their colleagues as doctors and nurses who watched his health conspired to hurt.

The most interesting is that, despite everything, Tripp every night for three hours could get rid of your paranoia, poor concentration and hallucinations, to convey your program radial. During that time was when Tripp, commercial read, chatted with the audience and the weather report was apparently normal. Although, as we have seen, in their daily conduct Tripp showed signs of serious mental disturbance, somehow managed to overcome at times just to fulfill her duty. Just before the transmission of the last program made ​​during this period Tripp suffered a panic attack. Believing that the doctor came to bury him alive began to scream and attack whoever was found involved. But when the time of its program calmed and achievement do the same without any of his listeners might suspect the condition in which it was. After that program Tripp left his marathon and finally retired to sleep.

Although not as dramatically, many people do not get enough sleep are somehow acting as Tripp. When you do not sleep you need something in our mind is affected and we continue to operate even when it costs more and more work. The American writer Vince Rause says, referring to how for years suffered an insomnia problem:

I wake up sore and tired to spend the day with the clouded mind. I take at least three attempts the power dial a long distance. I forget the names of people. Ingest coffee trays. And I look like hell.

According to statistics from the National Center for Research of Sleep Disorders in the United States alone about 40 million people suffer from sleep problems. These problems result in low productivity, cognitive problems, increased chance of accidents, irritability, increased risk of disease, premature death and decreased quality of life. Studies show that people who do not sleep well the immune system is responsible for fighting viruses and bacteria that cause diseases are negatively affected.

Some researchers have also concluded that sleep acts as an antioxidant by removing what is called free radicals, i.e. atoms, usually oxygen, highly reactive and unstable to be released as a product of metabolism and have the ability to damage cells. It is estimated that chronic lack of sleep can accelerate the aging brain.

The problem of lack of sleep worsens as a result of changes in technology and the world of work that make many people work late into the night or on rotating schedules. Our biological characteristics, the product of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution have programmed us to need nine to ten hours of sleep daily. In our age of technological changes are occurring at a rate much faster than our biology so we end up making our body demands are not prepared to take.

The question arises: How to Achieve beat insomnia? It's the same tech who comes to the rescue of man and modern woman.

It is now possible cure insomnia quickly and easily from the comfort of your home without having to resort to drugs which can create dependence and major health damage.

Powerful Acoustic Technology is able to cause a deep sleep within minutes. You only hear the Audio to Cure Insomnia and start enjoying a restful night.
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A good emotional state brings good health

Emotions are closely linked to health, as it good emotions that strengthens our inner state which in turn creates the physical reality and can usually enjoy good health.

No doubt that negative emotions bring us enough problems and we must avoid the most will deteriorate our health physically and emotionally, some tips for maintaining a good emotional state are:

Avoid worries: Concerns are bad thoughts, ideas about situations that most times are not presented, also involves being concerned about the future or regretting the past, instead of focusing on the present, look to keep the peace at all times is something that must be tested continuously. Avoid stress: To avoid stress is necessary to remain in a permanent state of relaxation, strive to give their best at all times but learn to accept things as they are presented, quiet everything has an answer, explanation and solution, as we Corentt Andrew says in his book I Am Happy, I'm Rico the world is illusion, everything material manifestos are just thoughts, life is much more than the physical illusion, death does not exist, feel anguish when some things just think that and you start to take control of your life. Three. They accept others as they are: This is an essential point, often suffer from other people, that should not happen, how others can change is by changing our perception of them within us, change yourself and everything will change , I assure you, so the control is in your hands. April. Enjoy life to the fullest: To wake up every day thanking God, observe the sun, rain, clouds, birds, experience your senses, feel the power go all your body through the wonderful gift of life, love joy and happiness to others and receive a lot of that, every minute is a miracle, it's something beautiful, I take advantage of it, do not waste it, you were born to be happy.
No doubt feeling good is the best tool to enjoy good health, people who enjoy life at all times have much better health than people with negative emotions, testimonies of people have been evicted from their illnesses who decided to take somewhat different and the shadow of death was lurking in them, then miracles occurred in the lives of these people, they managed to recover from what seemed incurable why? Because they had room in his heart the good feelings.

Several people realize they've been wasting your life energy on nonsense after traumatic or near-death experience, actually you should not expect that, you can start a wonderful life at this very moment.

In the book I'm Happy, I'm Rico Andrew Corentt is revealed valuable information about the workings of the universe and of life itself, once you can understand better is the ability to start taking control of your life, ! faults disappear and a sense of peace and happiness will rule your life, which will bring freedom and health you deserve, scorch to life, you deserve the best,
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